Why are Traffic Tickets so expensive ?

The City of Blaine and the Blaine Police Department do not set fines for speeding and traffic violations. The base penalty for each violation is set by the Washington State Supreme Court (RCW 46.63.110 ). The state legislature then adds statutory assessments to these base penalties. The Monetary Penalty Schedule for Infractions (revised 2019) can be viewed here. The City retains only 57% of the base penalty amount from speeding fines and other violations. These funds go to the General Fund of the City, not to the police department or court. The remaining 43% are remitted to the State’s Public Safety Education Account (PSEA). These funds are used to promote traffic safety education, highway safety, criminal justice training, crime victims’ compensation, judicial education, the judicial information system, civil representation of indigent persons, winter recreation parking, drug court operations, and state game programs.

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