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Lincoln Park


  1. Bird/Wildlife Viewing
  2. Off Leash Dog Park
  3. Parking
  4. Walking Trails
Lincoln Park is a forested jewel within the city limits that offers a glimpse of the natural environment that once was common over the coastal northwest. An extensive forest of Western red cedars, Douglas fir, and Big leaf maples have grown large over the past century. These large trees and the forest undergrowth begin to give visitors a hint of a majestic ancient forest. Walking and cycling trails offer access to most of the park. Several loops and variations on the trail system offer short walks or hikes of more than a mile.

Lincoln Park is an outstanding place to walk your dog. Lincoln Park is an “off-leash” park. Owners are reminded to keep dogs close, and under verbal control. Please bag and remove pet waste to protect the environment and ensure a pleasant visit for all park users.

This is primarily a natural park with facilities limited to parking and trails. However, the City has plans to improve a large playfield and add picnic and playground facilities in the coming years.