Common Critter Questions

Missing Pets

If your pet is missing, call the Whatcom Humane Society at 360-733-2080 to report the loss and check to see if it has been impounded. You can also call the Police Department at 360-332-6769. Our police officers will be happy to watch for your pet. Your first call should be to the Humane Society.

Leash Laws

Blaine does have a leash law. Dogs kept as pets within the city must be on a leash at all times when off their owner's property and properly licensed. The Humane Society issues licenses for dogs, which can be purchased from participating area veterinarians. Animal Control officers issue citations to the owners of unlicensed dogs. Blaine does have an off-leash park for dogs.


Cats are not currently required to have a license, but it is highly recommended. Many more cats are lost and impounded each year in Blaine than dogs. Dogs usually go home to their owners. Cats very rarely do. If you own a cat, do the right thing and license it, so the Police Department and Animal Control can get it back to you if it gets lost or injured.

Other Animals

Other domestic animals such as cows, horses, ponies, and goats can only be kept on property within the city limits when specific criteria are met. Review Title 6 of Blaine's Municipal Code for information before acquiring a domesticated animal.