Housing Action Plan (NEW)

The City of Blaine is growing, and we recognize the critical role that affordable and accessible housing plays in creating a healthy and thriving community. Every year our city welcomes an average of 100 new residents.

To plan for future growth, we are creating a Housing Action Plan (HAP). A HAP is a policy document and implementation guide that includes an assessment of how we’re doing now with housing and what steps we’ll need to take in the future. Assessing our needs helps us plan for and encourage the development of a variety of housing options that are affordable for people of all incomes. 

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Please contact us if you have any questions about the HAP process.

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To ensure that the Housing Action Plan reflects the needs and priorities of the community, the City of Blaine plans to involve community members, stakeholders, and housing experts in the process. The city has launched an online survey to gather input from community members on their housing needs and experiences. In the coming months, the city plans to host a series of presentations, focus groups, and workshops to gather feedback and ideas from housing providers, local employers, and stakeholders.

Take our survey!

Do you live in or near Blaine? Then we want to hear from you! Please take our short (10 minute) online survey about your housing needs. All responses will be anonymous. Your input will be essential in shaping the plan and ensuring that it reflects the needs and priorities of our community.

The online survey can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JPXVKJ7