East Harbor Hills LLC: Manufactured Homes and Planned Unit Developments


Private Amendment Request submitted by East Harbor Hills, LLC to amend Blaine Municipal Code Chapter 17.68 – Planned Unit Developments (PUD) to allow manufactured home parks and manufactured homes as an allowed use within a PUD in the Planned Residential zone.


The Residential PUD Standards (BMC 17.68.120) exclude manufactured home parks and manufactured homes as a housing type within a PUD. This means that even though manufactured homes and home parks are allowed within the Planned Residential (PR) zone (BMC 17.42.020), this same housing type is specifically prohibited as an option within a PUD. The applicant has submitted a zoning text amendment request to modify the Residential PUD Standards so that they better aligned with the PR permitted uses.

Notice of Public Hearing - December 8, 2022 at 6pm


SEPA Determination

  1. Determination of Non-Significance
  2. State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Environmental Checklist 

Revised Application Materials

  1. Proposed Amendment Language
  2. Reasons for the Request
  3. Response to Questions at August 11, 2022 Planning Commission Study Session

Planning Commission Study Session

August 11, 2022

Application Materials