Cemetery FAQs

Who maintains Blaine Cemetery?

The cemetery grounds are maintained by the City of Blaine Public Works Department. Operations of the cemetery are overseen by the Blaine Parks and Cemetery Board and are administered by the City Clerk's office.

How do I purchase a cemetery lot?

Cemetery lots can be purchased through the Blaine City Clerk's office at 360-332-8311. All sales including lots and services must be paid in full before services are rendered.

Can I resell or transfer a lot I've already purchased?

Lots can be resold or transferred by the owner(s). The City of Blaine MUST be notified in writing of such sale or transfer, and a transfer order must be filed at the City Clerk's office before the sale or transfer is considered complete. Trading of lots is done at the discretion of the City Clerk's office. No lots may be traded between the "old" section of the cemetery, comprised of sections 1,2,3 and 4, and the "new" section comprised of sections 5 and 6. Lots may, however, be traded within the "old" section and "new" section.

How do I arrange for an interment?

Interments must be arranged through the Blaine City Clerk's office at least three working days prior to services being conducted at the cemetery. No interment will be allowed without proper burial documentation as required by the Washington State Department of Health. 

What are the size requirements for burial urns?

Urns shall not exceed 18" x 18" x 18".  Please note that if you are interring in a niche wall box, the height of the box is 12"x12"x12" so urns need to be smaller than these dimensions.

Do I need a concrete liner?

Concrete liners are required for all casket burials and they are sold by the City of Blaine. Installation of concrete liners shall be made by City of Blaine employees.

Does the City sell urns, caskets, or headstones?

The City of Blaine does not sell urns, caskets, headstones, or other monuments. Such items must be purchased prior to interment.

How much does an interment cost?

Interment and other cemetery-related costs are established by the Blaine City Council and published in the City's Unified Fee Schedule.

What is the Endowment Fee?

The City of Blaine has established an endowment fund for the purpose of helping to finance the continued general maintenance of the cemetery into the future. An endowment fee is paid for each interment and those funds are contributed to the cemetery endowment fund.